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Marty Elcan is a DGA Director with over 30 years experience in all genres, but whose focus  is Family films with positive messages.

Some directors are technical directors; some directors are known as "actors' directors."  Occasionally someone is both.


Marty Elcan comes from theater, and still works occasionally as an actress in film projects today. 


She worked as an Assistant Director for over 25 years on such projects as "Driving Miss Daisy," "Steel Magnolias" and "Six Feet Under," where she learned to choreograph scenes to be shot with the most efficient coverage. 


She's also an award-winning still photographer. 


"When I directed my first feature, it was as if I were home.  My theater background, my visual eye and production experience all came together in one job.  It's what I was born to do."

Bringing  over 25 years of film production, with a background of award-winning photography and distinguished theatrical acting, to her work.


"My greatest joy in my filmmaking and photography is when I've enabled the viewer to see things in a new way"

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