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Previous Films:

"NEXT OF KIN" (feature film)
Catherine and her mother haven't spoken in 16 years -- ever since her mother had an affair with a much younger man, breaking up the famiy. When she gets a phone call that her mother has been in a serious car accident, she rushes home to "deal with things" and meets for the first time her half brother born of the affair. When their mother dies, Cat is left to deal with this resentful teenager.
Family drama featuring Octavia Spencer, Ed Begley Jr., Bess Armstrong, Jeremy London, George Newbern, and starring Kate Orsini and Andrew Lockridge.

Screened at DGA as part of their Director Finder series.


An obsessed man is determined to prevent his wife from leaving him.

Suspense drama starring Anne Ramsay and James Eckhouse.

Multiple festival award wins

A woman gets a call to do one last job she does NOT want to do.
Suspense Comedy starring Kim Little and Seth William Meier

Multiple festival award wins

A detective shows up on the scene of a hit and run, angry about his rebellious son, only to find out his son may be in more trouble than he knew.
Drama starring John Nielsen and Tom Ohmer

Screened at DGA as Special Event


A 49-year-old woman who's given up on life visits her father at his retirement home, and much to her surprise, finds him about to get married.  And she wasn't invited.

Comedy starring Helen Siff and Larry Markow

Winner of multiple festival awards

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